What to Expect When Buying a Home

Buying a home comes with a lot of expectations. What you think is going to happen and what will actually happen may be very different. Knowing what to expect can help you at every stage so that nothing comes as a surprise.

Offer & Closing

Once you find the home you like, expect to put an offer in. You can usually make your offer less than the asking price as a way of saving money and to see if the seller is still interested. A home inspection should be conducted prior to making an offer, too. This will allow you to learn of any problem areas so you can factor that into the offer.

Be prepared that there may be some homes that have bidding wars because more than one person wants to buy the home. If this becomes the case, your real estate agent will help you decide if it’s worth it to keep bidding or to walk away and find another home on the market.

When you have made an offer on the home and it is accepted, you will go through the closing process. This can take weeks or months. All of it will depend upon whether you are pre-approved for the mortgage and when the seller is ready to turn over the home. Some have it in the documents that the closing will be later because they have not yet moved out of the house.


Moving can be extremely stressful, but it is part of what to expect when buying a house. If you are moving from one house to another, you may also need to look at putting the first home up on the market. When you move, there is the decision to make as to whether you are going to move everything on your own or hire a professional moving company – and your real estate agent can help with the process.


When you buy a home, plan on doing a little bit of cleaning. While the previous owner and the real estate agent may have cleaned things up, it is going to need your special touch. This means allowing some time before you move your things in to wipe down counters, clean out the cabinets, vacuum the floors, and possibly even shampoo the carpets.

Settling In

Expect to take some time to settle in. Even though you may know the area well, you need to now familiarize yourself with the new neighborhood as well as the new neighbors. Try to get to know people because you never know when you may need them to look after your home while you are away or simply borrow a cup of sugar.

Work with an experienced realtor, too. This can help you more with what to expect when buying a home so that you are familiar with every step and get help along the way as well.